We want you to have fun, but we have rules to keep you safe!

Every year I try to give a reminder post of some of our rules, some weather tips, and things to bring.  Most are common sense that I shouldn’t have to say…but I am going to say them anyways.

1. No drinking and driving

This is a motor vehicle.  You can get a ticket, even arrested.  Not worth it.  Have a designated driver.

2. No paddle boards or kayaks on our pontoons

They take up space, cause damage to the pontoons, and if it isn’t a sea kayak it just is not safe out there.  No exceptions to this. 

3.  Babies are people, so they count when determining occupancy

When we say 10 people max or 14 people max, it means count every single body. Also, if you are maxed out on the amount of people you already have on board, you can’t add dogs to the mix!  We love our fur babies, but again…body count and weight limits are enforced by the Coast Guard and we want to be able to keep doing what we do!

4. Our cancellation policy is generous

You have 1 week prior to your rental to cancel for personal reasons and get your deposit back.  If the weather is dangerous we will not allow you to go out.  In that case we will either issue a full refund on your deposit, or, if we have a boat available another day while you are in town we would be more than happy to switch you to another day. 

5. We require our renters to be at least 21 years old

State law requires anyone born after June 30th, 1996 is required to have a boaters safety card and carry it on board to legally operate a motor vessel.  You need to know how to operate a boat, and have experience.  We will know if you don’t.

6.  Our #1 priority is to keep you all safe

It can be stressful at times.  We monitor the weather more than a meteorologist most days.  This is Lake Superior.  She can be moody.  When we tell you it isn’t safe and we will be closing down, please don’t argue with us.  We have been doing this for over 20 years. As a family based business, we will choose your safety over a dollar every single time. I take pride in that.  Sometimes storms pop up out of nowhere.  Again, we do our best to get you back to docks as soon as possible.  This is why it is important to always keep your marine radio on.

7.  We have a short season, but we work very long hours

With 13 hours a day in the heat, we get exhausted.  There is no reason to return to the dock late.   If a morning rental returns late they are disappointing the family that has it rented in the afternoon.  Please be courteous, and be on time.  We thank you for that. 

Helpful tips when booking with us

1.  Bring a cooler full of drinks and snacks

There is no place to stop and purchase anything once you leave the dock. 

2.  Don’t forget –

A camera, sunscreen, towels, blankets, and warm clothes.

3.  North winds are bad

Less than 10 mph isn’t a big deal, but once it hits the teens its going to get rough out there.  Upper teens and we are thinking about closing down.  20s- closed for sure!  Lightening is bad.  Fog is bad.  Boats do not leave the dock if there is lightening, or we can’t see down the channel.  Sometimes fog will roll in during the afternoon.  Pull out your phone and use google maps to guide yourself back to us. (This doesn’t happen very often)  If a storm is rolling in, or something doesn’t look right in the sky, give us a call… we will let you know what we are thinking.

The absolute perfect winds for boating would be an east wind.  It hardly ever happens for some reason.  A light south wind is beautiful too. 

4.  Mornings are hectic

Parking is limited, and unfortunately, this year we will be dealing with road construction on the highway in front of us.  Carpool if possible.  We do have the overflow lot across the highway, but it will be dangerous to cross this summer.  We have parking for 1 vehicle per pontoon on our side of the highway.  A staff member will be posted at the top of the driveway for parking duty.  Another staff member will be down below to guide you into your spot.  Morning renters can start showing up around 8:30.  Full days anytime after 9, and afternoon renters anytime after 2:30.  When you arrive send someone in the office to get the paperwork started.  This is where we will go over the map with you as well.  The rest of your crew can start loading up your pontoon.  We will have a staff member there to show you what boats is yours, and get life jackets on board.  When ready, one of our staff will go over the pontoon with you and answer any questions you may have about anything.  A lot of times the map is gone over again at this time with the captain who probably wasn’t in the office.  No worries, we are used to this!  When you get back to the dock after your day on the water we will measure your fuel, and you your slip to take into the office and check out.  We will have our gift shop up again this year also.

5.  Ask for a bug report!

We have flyswatters on board, and great natural bug repellent we sell in the office.  Depending on the direction of the wind, we will recommend different beaches to stop at that will be better than others! 

6.  Bring some TP!

While our pontoons have a bathroom on board, we don’t supply the TP.  That’s all you! (It is also on you to empty the potty when you come back in)

7. All but 1 of our pontoons have either blue tooth, or a Aux port

They come with music radios, but you might want to bring an aux cord to rock out to your favorite songs!

8. If you are running late to get to your rental give us a courteous call

If you have a half day rental we want you to get your whole time on the water.  Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Full day rentals, if you plan to arrive after 11am let us know, otherwise we will try to reach you for an update.  If there is no contact made by noon we might let that boat go to another family. 

9. MAKE A RESERVATION well in advance!!

10. Have fun! 

We are typically a happy sarcastic goofy group.  We love when our customers are the same.  Feel free to be goofballs with us.  We love it!  We need it!!